Winter season

Winter Season




Rainy season

When rainy season at the mountain there are much rains and we can go downstream through the rapids





Hot season

When hot season the rain doesn't fall so the waterfall has less water.





Geography, Climate, Population


Phitsanulok is in the tropical part so it has the rather hot weather all the year and also has the rather high rainfall in the rainy season. There are 3 seasons in this climate , the summer, the rainy season , and the winter.

The average temperature chart in each month ( degree C )

1.The summer ( March - May )

The weather is rather hot and there are some rains in the short time so people likes to play Songkran tradition.

  • The average temperature is about 30.5 C ( 86.9 F )

2.The rainy season ( June - October )

The weather is rather wet and there are much rainfall so this season people usually take umbrellas and it is time to practice agriculture.

  • The average rainfall volume is 198.5 millimeters

3.The winter ( November - February )

The weather is rather warm and comfortable not too hot and not too cold. There are no rain and this is high season so people like to travel the moutains because it is rather cold on the mountain and there are many beatiful flowers on there.

  • The average temperature is 26.4 C ( 79.2 F ) 

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  • Phitsanulok is located Located at about 16.78 N 100.20 E. Height about 44m / 144 feet above sea level.
  • Best time for visit October - April
  • Rainy Season
    May - September
  • The rain fall volume per year is about 1400.8 mm.
  • There are many kinds of forest in Phitsanulok such as the pine tree on the high mountain, the tropical forest and the dry forest.
  • Phitsanulok has the birth rate about 1 percent of the citizen which is the medium rate.
  • Farmers in Phitsanulok plant the rice twice or more a year
  • The first rice planting in the year is from May and harvest in about November to December.
  • The second rice planting in the year is from December and harvast in February.
  • Dry Banana is the famous local Products of Phitsanulok.
  • The visitors usually buy the dry banana for their souvenir.
  • Suttaban tree is the tree symble of Phitsanulok, it is the high tree about 8 meters.
  • In Phu Hin Rong Kla National Patk there are many orchids and beautiful mountain flowers, sometimes we can find the cold weather vegetables also.
  • There are many water fall in Phitsanulok along Highway No.12 ( Phitsanulok - Lomsak )
  • Phitsanulok has both plain region and mountain region.
  • There are many attractive places in town and out of town of Phitsanulok.
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