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Administration and Population

Phitsanulok is the province in the northern of Thailand. It is governed by the 3 organization

  1. The government of Thailand
  2. The Phitsanulok provincial administration organization
  3. Phitsanulok Munucipality

The government of Thailand

Almost part of Phitsanulok is governed by Thai government. The government govern by set the governor of the province Phitsanulok and set the district officer to govern 9 amphurs of Phitsanulok.

The Phitsanulok provincial administration organization

Some part of Phitsanulok was governed by The Phitsanulok provincial administration organization that people can elect the person to govern themself so they can manage themselves and develop their local.

Phitsanulok Munucipality

About 18.26 square kilometers was governed by Phitsanulok Munucipality. People can elect the lord mayor to manage and develop the town. The population is 89,067 ( 30 September 1999 )

More information about Phitsanulok Munucipality

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  • Phitsanulok is located Located at about 16.78 N 100.20 E. Height about 44m / 144 feet above sea level.
  • Best time for visit October - April
  • Rainy Season
    May - September
  • The rain fall volume per year is about 1400.8 mm.
  • There are many kinds of forest in Phitsanulok such as the pine tree on the high mountain, the tropical forest and the dry forest.
  • Phitsanulok has the birth rate about 1 percent of the citizen which is the medium rate.
  • Farmers in Phitsanulok plant the rice twice or more a year
  • The first rice planting in the year is from May and harvest in about November to December.
  • The second rice planting in the year is from December and harvast in February.
  • Dry Banana is the famous local Products of Phitsanulok.


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