King Naresuan the Great

King Naresuan the Great




Shrine of King Naresuan

Shrine of King Naresuan




Fighting on elephants

Fighting on elephants in the past it is the honor acting t of the Kings

( from Behind the movie Suri yothai book )



The borderland in Kan Chana Buri between Thailand and Burma

The borderland in Kan Chana Buri between Thailand and Burma near the place of fighting on elephants


Biography of King Naresuan the Great (reign:1590-1605)

King Naresuan was born at Chandra Palace in Phitsanulok in 1555. He was the son of King Phra Maha Thamma Racha and Phra Wisuttikrasattri. He has one elder sister named Phra Supan Kanlayanee was born in 1552 and one younger brother named King Phra Ekatosarot that younger than King Naresuan 3 years. Not long time after that Ayuthya was the dependency of Burma in 1569.

When he was young about 9 years old The kingdon of Burma invaded Ayuthya Kingdom and Ayuthya couldn't fight with Burma and signed the armistice contract gave 4 elephants ( the elephant was very important to honor of the state ) and sent King Naresuan to be the adopter child of the King of Burma.This made King Naresuan to feel that one day he would make his own country to be independent. When he lived in Burma he studied many knowledge that was necessary to be the head of soldiers.The King of Burma had a son that was the same age of King Naresuan named Phra Maha Uparat. They are both friends and also the competitor. One day they played the cock fighting and the fighting cock of King Naresuan won then he talked to Phra Maha Uparat that one day he would his own country independent from Burma.

When he was 15 years old in 1569 Ayuthya was the dependency of Burma. Burma had the condition that Burma would send King Naresuan back to Ayuthya but Ayuthya must send the elder sister, Phra Supan Kanlayanee, to live in Burma. Ayuthya that not willing to do that surrender this contract because the King of Ayuthya thought that King Naresuan could one day defeat Burma. When he came back to Ayuthya he was set to be the heir to the throne by his father,King Phra Maha Thamma Racha, and when he was 16 years old he governed Phitsanulok as the main city. He helped his father waged wars many times and he ascended the throne when he was 35 in 1580.

In 1582 The kingdom of Burma set the troops to fight with Ayuthya. The general was Phra Maha Uparat, the son of the King of Burma that was the friend of King Naresuan. That night King Naresuan dreamt that there were flood from the West and he fought with the crocodile when he woke up he told the astrologer the dream and the astrologer predicted that King Naresuan would fight with Burma soon. Also he was informed that Burma sent the troops to Ayuthya so he and his brother King Phra Ekatosarote set the troops and mobilized the troops to the borderland.

When he reached his destination he found the general of Burma troops,Phra Maha Uparat his old friend at Burma. Ayuthya troops was smaller than Burma and at that time King Naresuan's elephant named Phraya Chaiyanuparp and King Phra Ekatosarot's elephant named Chao Phraya Praptrichak ran into the Burma troops so they had no soldiers to help them fight so King Naresuan made the stratagem that he and Phra Maha Uparat would fight together on elephant using long pike ( It was one of the honor fighting at that time ). They fight was ver seriously, finally King Naresuan could beat the pike on Phra Maha Uparat then Phra Maha Uparathen died. King Phra Ekatosarot won also he fought with Burma nobleman. After that there are no invader for about 150 years. King Naresuan waged wars with many countries and made Ayuthya Kingdom to be independent and more expansive. He died in 1605 at Hang Luang when he waged war to Burma.

Thus, Thai people respected him and recalled him that he saved the country from invader and dedicate the designation " King Naresuan the Great " and built the shrine to respect and recall him at Phitsanulok called " Shrine of King Naresuan the Great " .

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  • Phitsanulok used to be the capital of Thailand about 25 years in Ayuthya Era in 1463-1487 A.D.
  • Phitsanulok was the birth place of King Naresuan the Great.
  • Phitsanulok was the important city in many times in the past.
  • There is Phra Buddha Cinnarat that is mentioned to be the most beautiful images of the Buddha in the world.
  • The first Phitsanulok community is at Wat Chukamanee south of the present city about 5 kilometers.
  • The present city is on the Nan riverside near Wat Yai.
  • There are many walls in the past but at the early of The Rattana Kosin Era they are demolished because not wanted to be the shelter of the enemy.
  • Phitsanulok is the major city because it was located in the borderland inthe past between many Kingdoms and it is the good place to set the camp before fighting in the war.
  • Phitsanulok at the present has the age more than 640 year old that was nearly Sukothai and Chiang Mai
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