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Phra Buddha Chinnarat , Click to zoom

Phra Buddha Chinnarat at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat

Chat Trakan Waterfall, Click to zoom

Chat Trakan Waterfall National Park

Floationg House Museum, Click to zoom

Floating House Museum on Nan Riverside Park


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General Information

Phitsanulok is the province in the northern part of Thailand. It is famous for its ancient places such as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat or called Wat Yai, Wat Chula Manee, Shrine of King Naresuan the Great ( reign:1590 - 1605 ). Besides, Phitsanulok is famous for its beautiful scenery, Thung salaeng Luang National Park, Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. At present Phitsanulok plays the important role as the center of air and land transportation, also the commercial city in the northern of Thailand.

Top Local Products

Dry Banana
Mee Sua
Fighting Cock
Dry Banana
Typical Rice Noodle : Mee sua
Yellow White Tail Fighting Cock
Bang Kaew Dog
For more local Thailand products click here
Typical Phitsanulok Canine : Bang Kaew Dog

Cheap flights to Phitsanulok

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Special Package tour in Phitsanulok

There are many Special Package to serve you click here...

This week Updated...

· Recommended Resort : Rain Forest Resort

Rain forest resort

This resort offers luxury accommodation within the wonder and uniqueness of a Thai tropical rainforest. Situated near beautiful Kangsong Waterfall, the resort is surrounded by National and Historical Parks of Northern Thailand meaning that this pampered retreat is within the realms of the natural environment. More information...

· New Resort in Phitsanulok : Khao Kra Yang resort This new beautiful resort is located among mountain part of Phitsanulok, surrounded by scenery of flowers,waterfall and mountains. You can reserve the room with reasonable price by calling 08-1604-4207 or 0-2282-3243-7 ext. 102,103 Read more...

· Feet hang noodle restaurant : This may be the strange restaurant name. Actually Phitsanulok has many restaurants compare to other cities and the tastes are very delicious. This noodle restaurant got this name by their visitors action when they have their meals because they have to sit and hang their feet. This restaurant located on the riverside road little bit north of Wat Yai. Read more...

· Tramway in Phitsanulok : This project is travel project that introduces you interesting attractions in Phitsanulok City which operated by TAT Phitsanulok. The route passes many ancient and beautiful places by the tramway which has long history more than 100 years ago. Read more...

Special Links...

2.Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways International
3.Tourism Authority of ThailandTourism Authority of Thailand
5.Phitsanulok MunicipalityPhitsanulok Municipal

"Nokair" started operate flights again at Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok)

"Nokair" started operate flights again at Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) From 6 March 2012 Nokair moved to operate flights at Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) to provide more convenient to passengers. With more free extra-services at airport such as Nok WiFi, Nok Kids Zone, Nok Shuttle Car. For more information please visit Nokair web site. Click..

"Nokair" Additional flights to Phitsanulok Nokair add new flights between Bangkok (Don Mueang International airport) and Phitsanulok route to 3 flights per day with special prices from now, due to increasing in passengers demand and to provide more comfortable journey to Phitsanulok. For more information please call 1318. Or click for Nokair website...

Nokair started operate flights at terminal 1 Donmueang International Airport From 1 August 2011 Nokair has relocated to operate flights at Terminal 1 Don Mueang International Airport to serve more increasing passengers. Terminal 1 is located in the north part of Don Mueang International airport apart from old domestic terminal about 1 km to the north. Passengers please proceed to Entrance Gate No.6 and Check-in row No.6 for check-in Nokair flights.

New Phitsanulok Airport developing Project 2012. Phitsanulok airport announced continuing developing projects from the budget year 2012. Now the installation of aerobridge, the constructions of additional taxiway, apron and some electrical systems are complete. In 2012 budget there will be further installation of approach CATI to provide more safety to passengers.

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Events Calendar

Noenmaprang Delicious Mangoes Festival March-April 2012 at Noenmaprang city hall, This festival is hold at Noenmaprang District in the South-East of Phitsanulok. There are many Mangoes products to serve you also with beautiful local bantum. The actual date will be announced soon.

Blooming White Roses on Phu Hin Rong Kla March-April 2012 at PhuHinRongKla National Park, You can find local beautiful white roses while walking on the natural passages through this Natonal Park on the high mountain, and performances from high-land people.

Phrompiram local products Festival April 2012 at Phrompiram city hall, Local Products from all tumbols are provided in this festival such as local food,vegetables,fruits,fighting cocks. Also with local performances.

Song Kran Festival and Clean food good taste April 2012, This festival is one of the most important festival in Thailand because it is the Thai New Year. There are parades and traditional performances, also playing water and Food festival. You shouldn't miss it. For more information please contact Phitsanulok Municipal

Longan Festival July 2012 at RakThai RomKlao Upatum School Moo 7 Tumbol Chompoo,Noenmaprang District, There are delicious Longan to serve you, also local sports competition.

Hotel Reservation
There are many good and convenient hotels and resorts in Phitsanulok and also around the city. The reasonable costs and the warm welcome make the torists to be impressive of them. Click Go to see the list of hotels and you can reserve them through the internet 24 hour.

Air Tickets

There are many flights operate between Bangkok and Phitsanulok. You can reserve the tickets by clicking the links provide here.

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