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There are many restaurants in Phitsanulok. And There are many kinds of food also. So you can choose the restaurants and tastes the alternative foods as you like.

Restaurant Map (Phitsanulok city)

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1.Farthai Floating farm

Tel. 66-55-245199, 66-55-226508-9

2.Topland Restaurant

Tel. 66-55-252555

3.Kanlapapruk Restaurant

Tel. 66-55-258788-9

4.Mangkla Restaurant

Tel. 66-55 252411-5

5.Taleefu Restaurant

Tel. 66-55-244702-5

6.Kakee Nung Restaurant

Tel.66-55-210543, 66-55-211696

7.Song Kwae House Boat

Tel. 66-55-242167

8.Farthai floating Restaurant

Tel. 66-55-242743 , 66-55-215673-4

9.Thai Meal Restaurant

Tel. 66-55-210862-4

10.Phayao Bakery

Tel. 66-55-219656


Tel. 66-55-244520

12.Tree House

Tel. 66-55-212587-8


Tel. 66-55-221127

14.S.Led rost

Tel. 66-55-258442

15.Phag Bung Hern Fah

Tel. 66-55-251348


  • There are many restaurants in Phitsanulok.
  • There 3 islamic restaurants in Phitsanulok.
  • There are KFC Swensen Pizza Hut also at Topland Plaza.
  • There are many local shops in Phitsanulok that you can buy many things you want.
  • There are many stores in Phitsanulok such as Lotus, Big-C, and Mackro.


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